May My Heart Be Filled With The True Source of Life

So, I was taking an early morning walk on Mount Tabor Park in Portland and as the sun came up, more and more people came walking, running, biking to the top and I was contemplating “Why are people so attracted to high places in the physical geography?” 

It offers a higher vantage point, more perspective and a more complete view of the surrounding landscape which offers understanding about one’s surroundings and that satisfies the mind.

A higher perspective also offers a beautiful view, which can empty the mind, offer peace, and soften the defenses, which is satisfying to the heart.

It can harmonize and unify the heart with the mind to make a person feel more complete.

It’s like an outward expression of the inner journey towards spiritual growth and wholeness - the inner place of the most complete perspective, where you’re free to love everything including the self.

I don’t want to be rigidly attached to ideals and confused about where the highest perspective is - the place of the most beauty and value in life - the true pinnacle of life - always already lives in the heart. Not necessarily at the top of a mountain or anywhere else out there.

This is the thought that came to me: 

May my heart be filled with the true source of life

May my heart be filled with the true source of love 

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