Ashes to Moths

amidst the laughter, chaos and celebration I catch a pausing moment to notice the dancing enigmatic flickering spirit, One Soul with a thousand faces, how I love thee, engulfing, burning, cleansing every unholy nook and cranny, sending ashes to the sky that turn into sacred moths 


fly away and 


Dear Friend,

Gazing into stars reflected in a waveless and ripple free body of water we sit nestled safely in the velvety darkness surrounded by rich and fertile ancient earth sharing a peace pipe, puffing a magical flower, blending consciousness and soaking in the cosmos in all its splendor; may we live in integrity with this moment for all time. May we be married to the divine sublime, never betraying our capacity for awe. We didn’t know we were silently making prayers and promises but we were. Our hearts scream: “we want to throw off our chains and sing and dance and express that most sacred expression freely through the cosmos, liberated in this life.” Are we listening? Right now. Are we listening? Are we trusting, surrendering and allowing our hearts to lead the way? 

Yes! Of course! Always! What else is there? What else can we do?

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