Bold Planets

While Planets clasp together by invisible strings

Eternities of tongues tickling flower flesh engulfed in a river of rainbow ecstasy.

Slow fading Amnesia she blinks awareness back into her senses, breath, surroundings. The scale tips and she recognizes where she is and gasps it in.

In with the Present,

Out with the Timeless.

Her lover crouching patient and silent, watching with anticipation.

Moonlight Streaming in,

her defenses gone in her body transparent,

it penetrates her liberated heart.

She Tearfully wishes to be truly wild.

And with that thought, she claims her freedom,

leaping out the open window and disappearing into the darkness between the Ferns,

running full speed.

Dancing flying faster faster wind ears barefoot mindless clarity absolute stillness in heart.

Intensity Marries Serenity.

I can’t tell where one starts and the other begins but both are here.

A whole world constructed a whole universe spinning, but it’s just a facade. A face of God. and the Truth is vast.

I complete the cycle lovingly, transmuting and the Moon licks my bare back as I harvest the tide and dance the singing of my heart.

Strike with spear timeless wordless focus.

The language of the Moon is radically different.

and still, Deranged dancers twirl to hear its silence.

Life consumes Life.

Ashes to Moths

amidst the laughter, chaos and celebration I catch a pausing moment to notice the dancing enigmatic flickering spirit, One Soul with a thousand faces, how I love thee, engulfing, burning, cleansing every unholy nook and cranny, sending ashes to the sky that turn into sacred moths 


fly away and 


Dear Friend,

Gazing into stars reflected in a waveless and ripple free body of water we sit nestled safely in the velvety darkness surrounded by rich and fertile ancient earth sharing a peace pipe, puffing a magical flower, blending consciousness and soaking in the cosmos in all its splendor; may we live in integrity with this moment for all time. May we be married to the divine sublime, never betraying our capacity for awe. We didn’t know we were silently making prayers and promises but we were. Our hearts scream: “we want to throw off our chains and sing and dance and express that most sacred expression freely through the cosmos, liberated in this life.” Are we listening? Right now. Are we listening? Are we trusting, surrendering and allowing our hearts to lead the way? 

Yes! Of course! Always! What else is there? What else can we do?

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